History of Crazy Horse Ranch

Somewhere between legend and lore, deep in the canyon of a land grant in north Monterey County belonging to Sr. Juan B. Castro – his horse grazed on a little loco weed and went absolutely mad. Thereafter the area was called, “Cañón del Caballo Loco” or Crazy Horse Canyon.

The canyon opens into ag land at the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain, whose peak rises from the valley of Gabilan Creek to provide perspective and relief to an otherwise tame terrain that hosts a carpet of strawberry fields.

In 1925, a 9-hole sand course on the old Smith farm was developed into a stunning 18-hole golf course spreading across the scenic landscape. Jack Fleming, an Irish architect known for incorporating the natural beauty into his classically designed courses, took advantage of the open terrain and native foliage – what John Steinbeck later called the “Pastures of Heaven.” Fleming’s preference for long, lush fairways complementing the beauty of the area, and intriguing, complex layouts, resulted in a course both challenging and fun to play over and over again.

The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch is a limited-membership, private golf club where folks gather in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to play a little golf and have a lot of fun. Our fun yet challenging course sits amid a serene country setting, where the rusted relics of early farm implements rest in the rough like monuments to the past, and smooth greens keep golfers in the present moment. Whether you’re holding a club or a camera, you’re sure to get a memorable shot.

“The staff is amazingly friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate us.”


The Clubhouse

The low-profile ranch-style clubhouse doesn’t interfere with the scenic setting. During the day, five floor-to-ceiling windows provide front-row seating to a stunning view of the course across the fairways 1, 9 and 18. As dusk deepens to darkness, this watering hole becomes a gathering spot where members and guests turn their attention to great conversation.

This is a place where a farmer can kick off his boots, or a banker his wingtips, and both feel comfortable as they slip on spikes and get in a friendly round on the course before saddling up to the bar – a place where jeans are as much a part of the clubhouse etiquette as common courtesy, and where folks are more likely to order whisky than wine, although both are available.

Whether you’re up for a round of golf or a round of drinks, friends make you feel special, and staff makes you feel famous. And everyone looks forward to comfort food in a gorgeous setting among good friends.

Clubhouse interior


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  • The staff is amazingly friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate us.

  • The staff, service and food have been nothing short of exceptional.

  • The chef’s comfort food is exactly what I want no matter how my golf game goes.

  • Sometimes I come just to spend time in this setting.

  • My wedding reception was the first of many celebrations to come for us at The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch.