The many benefits of membership to The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch make this the club to join in Monterey County. Enjoy a return on your investment in great golf among new and old friends in a scenic setting with a relaxed atmosphere that suits your lifestyle. Here, everybody knows your name, appreciates your game, and welcomes you to join the fun. This is where you belong.

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Primary certificated memberships to The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch entitle members to unlimited golf with cart, plus privileges of tennis, bocce, dining and social events.

Individual Membership
Meets particular needs and helps contain costs.

Family Membership
Two adults plus children living at home under age 19.

Junior Executive Membership.
Primary member must be 19-29 years of age.

Executive Membership.
Primary member must be 30-39 year of age.

Social/Sports Membership.
Unlimited access to tennis, bocce, dining and social events, plus limited access to golf up to 2 times per month with payment of posted golf fees.

Business Membership.
Includes 8 complimentary transferable golf passes per year, for accompanied or unaccompanied guests.

Non-Resident Golf Membership.
Special discount for those maintaining a primary residence more than 40 miles from The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch.

Contact our General Manager to discuss these and other membership opportunities.

“Where everybody knows your game”


Additional value of primary certificated membership:

  • Members and your families have access to golf clinics conducted by the Club’s PGA and LPGA golf professionals. Designed to address all areas of the game, these clinics provide an excellent opportunity to learn the game of golf or improve your skills and have more fun on our challenging yet forgiving course.
  • Take advantage of special joining incentives to enjoy the club’s low membership rates and high-quality standards.
  • Build your business by bringing clients to the course. The fairway is an ideal setting to break down barriers, build relationships and have fun. A round of golf, a little bocce, drinks or a leisurely lunch help to make the most of your membership.
  • Play a preview round. Get a sense of the club by becoming a member for a day with a complimentary round of golf for you and a guest. Check out the facilities, have lunch, hang out in the clubhouse and feel what it’s like to belong.

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  • Where everybody knows your game.

  • I didn’t know anybody when I joined,
    but I was welcomed by all.

  • The Club at Crazy Horse Ranch has the
    friendliest folks on the fairways.

  • With what this club offers, I couldn’t afford not to join.

  • This is where I belong.